Safety Procedures

Re-opening procedures for June 7, 2020Approved by Christ Church Council for Use on Thursday, June 4, 2020Before Church Gathering:

1.Remain at home if you have symptoms of illness, are one of many who live with underlying health conditions that make you more susceptible to COVID-19 symptoms.
2.Remain at home if you don’t feel comfortable gathering with other people as of yet.
3.Remain at home and tune in to Facebook Live: Christ Lutheran MKE or Iglesia Luterana Cristo and check for video download and worship materialsfollowing in person worship.Upon Church Entrance:
4.Doors open at all times.
5.Sanitize hands upon entrance of church.
6.A mask is required to gather in person per the MKE City Ordinance from Thursday, July 16th.If you dont possess a mask, disposable masks are available in limited supply for you in worship. 7.No handshakes, hugs, or close proximity. Greet each other in other ways, and remain 6 feet socially distanced from non-family unit members.
8.Bulletins will be found on a table at the entrance of church. Take a bulletin and keep it throughout worship taking it home with you as you leave this morning.
9.Sit only in the designated ‘open’ pews with your family unit.
10.Don’thandle or remove hymnals/bibles or other things directly in front of you. Everything you need should be in the service folder.
11.Men and Women’s bathroom in the fellowship hall will remain open for use. Unisex bathroom will remain closed. Those who use the bathroom during worship are reminded to wash their hands upon exit. Lord’s Supper:
12.3 communicants on the right and 3 communicants of the left will be ushered to the front for communion. They will use the center aisle for coming forward.
13.Communicant takes napkin, plastic cup, and wafer pre-prepared for them from the table set in front.
14.Communicant eats and drinks as the words are spoken by the pastor and blessing is spoken.
15.Communicants are dismissed leave their napkin/cup in the receptacles provided and return their seats using the side aisle.
16.3 communicants from the right and from the left are ushered next to the front.Church Exit: 17.Exit church according to pew and family unit.
18.When one family unit is clear, the next may exit.
19.The offering plate will be located on a table at the rear of church. Leave your offering there as you leave
20.Sanitize your hands upon leaving the church if you so choose.
21.Do not gather and greet inside the church upon your exit, but gather socially distanced outside of church on the steps or sidewalk or courtyard.
22.Visitors will be asked either upon entrance or exit to leave their contact information for future safety precautions